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Sayokyoku Sakem's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sayokyoku Sakem

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Camping~ // To Mika. [Tuesday
Feb 7, 2006 at 5:51pm]

He was the happiest he'd ever been. Constantly humming to himself and purring with the remembered pleasure. Oh god, he had so much to tell Mika. Their schedules had been so different lately so they couldn't see eachother during the day and his afternoons and nights were devoted to Ryutaro. He was a bad friend, but Mika would understand wouldn't she? He couldn't worry. He was too happy and Mika would see this... If she couldn't feel it with how much he felt it.

The blonde artist pulled the bag tightly shut, having skipped class to get his packing done. Right. Clothes... Tent... Emergency supply of Pocky and his sketch pad. Yup that was everything.

Tonight they would be camping in the forest. Instead of in a hotel room with creature comforts an outstretched arm and a blind fumble away.

He hoped Ryutaro would be okay for him for one night. Of course he would, but even he'd grown completly needy of sleeping next to his lover every night before those horrible hours called school took them away from eachother.

He sighed content, loading everything up onto his back and left his bedroom after giving Ame one last extra long smooge. His beautiful beautiful kitten. She'd be safe with Ryutaro and keep him company. Ahh... It was already getting hard to leave. But he had to. Mika would be waiting.

And soon enough he was loading things into the back of his car and speeding happily on his way towards to campsite.
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Moonlit Garden ~ to Aito [Sunday
Feb 5, 2006 at 8:52pm]

All he could really do was covor his face with his hands, getting tired of seeing everything, so beautiful. So pure.

He was getting tired of hearing the same things, hearing falses.

Getting so tired of everything, he was now at a lost.

The pale, platnium blonde haired teenager was gazing at the spaces of light that he could see from the cracks of his fingers, a rather blue hued affect on the garden at this time. He hadn't been able to sleep in so long, slowly sinking into depression with each moment.

He was trying to hard to be supportive, but even now, he couldn't freeze his tears, his emotions all came out. The question repeating itself in his head, "How lonely am I?"

In the quiet of the night, the crickets, the fireflies, and his sigh filled the air.
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Lazy. Open to anyone :D [Sunday
Feb 5, 2006 at 4:49pm]

Kyo had been skipping his classes more than he had planned on. It was not because he wanted to prove to anyone that he was a "rebel" or anything; he just did not feel like going. Of course, that was causing problems; Klaha had told him that there was probably some "reason" why he was there, and if he did not get off his ass, he would probably never find out what that was.

So, for the first time in a couple of days, he decided to go to class. It had gone well enough, but now, as he left his last class of the day, he was beginning to realize that campus life was incredibly dull...
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Chocolate Cookies -- For Toshiya. [Wednesday
Feb 1, 2006 at 9:43pm]

He was glad he had only one small class of students every second day. Because it sure was a riot. He couldn't believe how talented some of them were. It made him happy. Not quite so happy as he had been with just Toshiya alone.

But it came close. And he'd have to deal with it being exactly like that. The time for Toshiya's class hadn't come around yet thankfully. Even though they'd both walked away. Or ran in Toshiya's case. No going back. But somehow he just couldn't forget the way his lips had felt.

Especially now that he was baking the exact same cookies they had eaten together.

Mao had done as he said he would. Buttered up the sweet old lunch ladies for the recipe and kitchen space for sometime in the late afternoon. It had worked. nad now he was working hard on the second batch of cookies. The first lot already in the oven baking and creating a heavenly scent around the kitchen and probbaly wafting out into the surrounding areas.

Subconciously he was hoping the cookies would bring Toshiya back to him so they could talk more.
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Something sweet..? [To teh Kaizilla xDD] [Sunday
Jan 29, 2006 at 12:49am]

Laying back, he had robbed a magazine from Maki, some chick magazine and was now reading it. Laying upside down in a chair, feet in the air in the lounge, lollipop in mouth. He was taking one of those 'life' tests, pausing at a question.

"Who is the sweetest person you know?"

Flipping himself so he was now sitting straight up, he moved the lollipop with his tongue for a bit in his mouth. Sweetest person?

He already knew the answer, and he noticed, he hadn't seen the other in a while. Kaizilla had been sick lately.

Putting the magazine down, Ruka quickly made his way to the cafeteria, picked up some stuff, than went to the Kaizilla's 'lair,' a now concerned look that barely crossed over his face. Except when it came to the other. Knocking on the door, he announced he was there and coming in.
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The purrfect present...... to Uruha [Saturday
Jan 28, 2006 at 1:42pm]

Ryutaro was way more than nervous, walking the corridors of the school with a suspicious bulge in his jacket. Occasionally, the soft sound of purring, or a sweet mew could be heard.

He had never in his life even thought of buying a present for someone.

But with Uruha everything came out naturally, and he was bound to come to this stage, wasn't he?
Wanting so much to make him happy, to make him smile.

And choosing for a kitten was even more natural.
It fitted Uruha perfectly.
But of course, he didn't know for sure, he couldn't know if the boy would really want a pet.

It was a wild guess. A tentative.

When Uruha's door came into view, he carefully looked around, and then he settled better in his jacket the now sleeping white cat, so that it wasn't that much visible.
The little, long haired kitten seemed of quite a calm personality, easily scared of stranger, it had taken her some time to get used to Ryutaro, but then, she had quickly shown an affectionate behaviour.

Extremely adorable, just like Uruha.

And Ryutaro couldn't help but sigh dreamily each time he thought about Uruha, his heart always beat faster when the boy was in his mind, and he kept smiling dorkily.
He was too happy to be sane.
But he did like that.

He knocked at the door, keeping himself as motionless as possible while he waited for an answer, not wanting to wake the cat, not wanting to spoil the surprise.
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OH GADS, I'M LOST! [Openness] [Thursday
Jan 26, 2006 at 9:30pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Somehow, somewhere in the vast halls, the pink-haired spazz had gotten lost. How exactly this was, he hadn't a clue. He was usually pretty decent with learning the layout of a place.

Orrrr..Maybe he'd just gotten lazy this time. Yeah, that was probably it.

Pausing as he ended up at the end of a hallway, the Demon Lord would have sweatdropped, had he been an Anime character. As a matter of fact, he summoned up a little sweatdrop bubble thing to appear on his head as he stared at the wall.

And stared at the wall.

And stared at it some more.

Why wasn't it moving?

A scowl, and he considered destroying it, but no...That wouldn't do much good. So he just opted to stand there and continue staring at it until eventually someone found him, or he got tired and left.

Whichever happened first.

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The Obligatory 'Lost in the Halls' Post - Open to Any [Wednesday
Jan 18, 2006 at 2:06pm]

[ mood | lost ]

Mana had succeeded in finding his room. It was on the third floor, and the single, highly arched window overlooked the gardens. Lovely. Having no possessions that needed arranging or putting away, he had spent a few minutes sitting on the edge of the four-poster bed, hands folded in his lap and toes slightly turned in, letting the characteristics of the room seep in and become familiar.

But then he had noted the time and realized that he would have to leave soon if he were to arrive at his class on time He already missed the freedom to use his wings; walking took so much longer and felt so much less graceful. He stood, straightened layers of crinoline and lace, and set out into the hallway.

It was here that he met trouble.

He was not entirely sure he could retrace his steps back to the front door, much less find a classroom he had never set his eyes on. He missed his wings even more; everything was easy to find when it was spread out beneath you.

With calm determination, he set off to the right. After several minutes of this, he second-guessed himself and turned around. Resigned to being late to his destination, he was now only concerned with arriving in some place that was not a stretch of dim hallway with numbered doors on either side.

But things were not looking too promising while he attempted this alone.


Generation Plastic - Open to any. [Monday
Jan 16, 2006 at 7:15pm]

[ mood | rejected ]

She felt like a clone. Everyday, the same thing, get up, go to classes, grab something to eat, more classes, homework, sleep. EVERYDAY. From the looks of it, everyone else had pretty much the same schedule. How disgusting. "How can people live like this..?" she muttered as she stopped in the hall, immeadiately back tracking and slipping outside. She figured she could miss just a class or two, seeing as her grades were all back up to A's and B's.

Sitting under a tree to escape the light of day and stay out of the view of any curious teachers, she watched the other students hurry to their classes, wondering if any would see her, and, if they did, wuold they skip with her? Ruka would, obviously. But thing was, she wasn't even sure if he was around anymore. She hadn't seem him in forever.. Daisuke..? Nah.. He proabably wouldn't skip and she highly doubted Kana or Shinya would. Kyo..? What a pain, trying to figure out if anyone wuold stop to talk to her or not.

After a few minutes she leaned against the tree and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she saw someone running towards her... Odd.

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Which one should hurt?- to triple m (Misuzu and Miyavi) [Monday
Jan 16, 2006 at 11:17am]

Makoto picked nervously at a hole in his hoodie pocket, trying not to think about what was going to happen as he stood outside in the cold air. He shivered slightly, thinking that possibly they should have had this meeting inside, since it was so cold lately.

Makoto had still been unsure of himself, unsure of who he wanted- Misuzu or Miyavi. But after Miyavi had come back to his room and laid in bed with him, he had felt so safe. And when he had woken the next morning to see the other man lying there, lips parted as he breathed in deeply during sleep, he knew he wanted to be with him.

But what about Misuzu? They had all been best friends since... well... forever. If Miyavi and Makoto were to be together, what would that do to him? And besides, they both were in love with Misuzu as well. They had no problem admitting that to each other. The problem was trying to decide just who they loved more.

His phone started playing music and he grabbed it quickly, opening up the text message and reading. About time one of them got his text message. It was Miyavi, saying he had just finished what he was doing and was on his way. A few minutes later, he recieved another message from Misuzu, saying almost the same thing.

Just two days ago, he had been screaming at Misuzu and Miyavi in anger over the thought of them together. And now he expected Miyavi to just accept him unconditionally and Misuzu to not be upset at all? Of course, Misuzu would pretend not to be upset, but he would be able to tell.

He took a deep breath as he waited to face the men he loved.
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The rain is my tears... // For Ryutaro.. [Friday
Jan 13, 2006 at 11:14pm]

So far everything had gone wrong.

It had been two days... maybe more. Maybe even less. Felt like so long. Almost a forever since he had seen anyone. The night with Tora lay forgotten in his thoughts. Save the repeating declaration of love that echoed so violently in his head.

He couldn't love. That's what he'd told Ruka. Maybe it was true. He had loved Tora...

Before he met Ryutaro.

After that he was so confused. He'd hurt Ruka for Tora... but then everything had fallen apart when Tora hadn't followed. Then Ryutaro. He made him feel...something more than he had ever for both Tora and Ruka...

Still the confusion reigned.

Uruha sat. Unsheltered now from the rain that decided to join his mood and beat down on the too skinny body and soak the thin clothing he was wearing.

The drop to ground level greeted him as he looked down between his swinging legs. Frozen fingertips searching for his cigarettes to resume the disgusting habit he'd regained after a few days of quitting. But now even the nicotine didn't help. Just served to place a funny taste in his mouth.

He was silent. Just listening to the rain beat down on the roof top and try not to cry with the drops that fell down his face. Failing at that as they fell unchallenged down his face. A silent whimper escaped the plush lips which he muffled with another long drag of the cigarette, shuffling closer still to the edge of the roof until he was so dangerously close.

Even now he wouldn't be afraid to fall.
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A Brawl! // For any of the Arch Angels. [Thursday
Jan 12, 2006 at 9:12pm]

Klaha was bored.

He wanted a brawl. He wanted to rip angels feathers and be covered in their precious blood. Most of all the Demon Lord one step below Satan himself wanted to gore through the angelic body, kiss the precious lips of those closest to god with untempered passion before tearing the soul from form.

Blood, gore and destruction. He wanted ruin. He wanted some fun.

The tall elegant demon let his wings unfurl. Twelve feet in span, the black almost satin feathers and scales glowing with power in the slowly fading sun. Not afraid to show them to any human who might have passed his way and sent out the call.

Wild and gutteral.

Calling the beautiful Arch Angels to a battle.

One he knew he would win.
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D r a m a C l a s s // Open to any of Mao's students. [Tuesday
Jan 10, 2006 at 10:24am]

Anyone making their way to the Drama class room would have heard the music seeping loudly through the walls. Bouncy songs to get anyone who might be down into a happier mood. He did this every morning because he hated seeing grumpy smiles.

Mao grinned, dancing happily like a dork in the large room. Half finished thoughts often dispersing through his lips and into the air, making for an interesting conversation. The song finished. Next one ready to start, Mao took his chance to lean against the wall and catch his breath. Brushing his hair away from his face, he rose his eyes from the floor and locked them on the door.

Just waiting for his students to arrive.
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Open to anyone. ^____^ [Friday
Jan 6, 2006 at 8:46pm]

Bass guitar..."Nope"

Shinya was looking over the list of intruments that was being taught at the school.
"Mou.." he said softly. Everything else was just to loud for him or annoying.
Yet the name 'Drums' stuck in his head...
What could those be like he thought in his little head.
Really not paying attention to anything else around him, he was heading towards the music class now yet when he finally put the paper down. He found himself lost.
"...Not again..."He said softly.
Looking around in a circle, he was trying to remember what direction he came from but in the end of all that spinning around he just stopped suddenly to relax and close his eyes.
"Just think and be calm" as he stood there repeating those words to himself.
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Adding to the Noise - Open to one and ALL! (bored and hyper) [Monday
Jan 2, 2006 at 5:33pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Maki had been learning a new song, just for the fun of it. She hadn't been doing anything else, so she was singing a song off a radio, but with her own little twist. Now she was just trying to memorize it and throw in dance steps as she did it.... What a pain. "Argh! Sooooo boreeeeed." she whined, sinking down and hugging her knees. Problem was she had that song stuck in her head now. Adding to the noi~~se. over and over in her head. After a moment of feeling sorry for herself, she stood up and started dancing once more, now to the words in her head.

She was actually having fun, just dancing to a song she was singing too. Who knew that could be so much fun? She also hadn't thought about Hiroto in a while, which was good in someways. Her grades were slowly picking up, and it had been a while since she had done something completely on her own and was haveing fun with it. Now all she needed was someone to share the fun with.

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Remember... ~ to Kana [Monday
Jan 2, 2006 at 2:07pm]

Kai walked barefoot through the wet grass, gripping a single white lily in his right hand. He glanced behind him but saw no-one. It was surprisingly quiet for such an evening. Everyone was probably in their room, cuddling up to the person they loved or making out with a random stranger. He sighed. Halting in front of a tree Kai put the lily between his lips and reached up to grab a branch, placing one foot on the trunk of the tree and pulling himself up. The wood cut into his foot but he didn't feel the pain. He was numb already. Moving into a sitting position, letting one leg dangle off the branch and pulling the other to his chest, he shifted himself along the branch and balanced the ghostly white lily on his knee. Leaning against the body of the tree he plucked a single leaf and dropped it, watching it fall silently towards the ground.

He wasn't sure if Kana was even going to turn up. She hadn't confirmed what he had asked. After everything that had been happening recently Kai realised that he had been completely lost in a state of happiness. He had been drawn so far in that he hadn't been paying attention to anything or anyone apart from Ruka. In the depths of his love he had forgotten about others that meant a lot to him and, for that, he hated himself. He felt like plunging something deep into his heart, causing himself whatever pain other people had been through, but was against the idea of suicide, thinking it selfish to take away a life when others were losing lives they wished to keep.

The thought of Kana tickled the back of his throat and he swallowed back the tears, chewing on his lip for comfort. He felt sick. She had seemed so...confused...about everything. She didn't remember him. That was what hurt him most of all. He was more worried than he had ever been in his life and, although he tried to hide it from himself, he knew he was scared to see her. He shivered slightly and his eyes fell to his bare feet. A coppery taste filled his mouth and he absent mindedly wiped the small amount of blood away with his hand, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was there. To see if Kana was there. The darkness hurt his eyes. He picked up the lily and fondled it's petals before bringing it to his chest. "Kaka-chan..." He wanted Kana here.
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Cigarette & Midnight - Open to anyone [boredom~] [Monday
Jan 2, 2006 at 12:32am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

The crickets was such a nice sound in comparisson to the noisy school. Students running around everywhere, laughing, getting drunk for the after celebration of a new year. The 6'0 man wasn't feeling like himself at all, he should be laughing and getting drunk too. But what is he doing? Listening to crickets.

What an interesting life.

Tsk'ing as he pulled out a cigarette, he paused for a moment. Even now he was starting to lose his cravings for the death stick. Was it someone's influence? Someone's pure, sweet influence?

Yeah, he thought to himself, with a light smile, before going to listen to the cricket's song once again.

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All Alone - Open to anyone [Saturday
Dec 31, 2005 at 10:36pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Kumi let out a sigh and looked downwards at her cell phone. Why haven't my friends contacted me yet...?" She had been waiting since she had arrived at the school to hear from someone she knew. To know that they missed her. Not even her best friend had done as much as even send her a text message.

Maybe they just.. don't care I'm gone.. The thought had crossed her mind often, but she had been avoiding thinking about it too much. Without friends where she was now, she wanted to cling onto hope that her old ones still cared. But that hope was slipping away.

She leaned against the tree she was standing under and placed her cell phone back into her purse carefully. What now... She didn't know what to do with herself.

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12月 の 愛 - to TERU [Friday
Dec 30, 2005 at 10:51pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

It was time to do something about it.

Gackt had woken from unsettling dreams to the sound of a storm outside, and known that he couldn't possibly keep his feelings, whatever bizarre branch of affection they sprang from, a secret any longer. Snatching up his pen and a sheet of paper, he settled to write a letter, mind automatically beginning the slow grind of spinning worthy phrases.

But the poetry refused to be put down in ink. Instead, his hand moved quickly, feverishly across the page, something base and raw becoming more and more exposed as he fought to describe it. It splattered like sacrificial blood from the tip of his quill, made his breathing come short and fast, tightened the muscles of his stomach until they ached. Nowhere was his careful poetry, crafted to please the reader and subject. This letter was like the formations of cooled volcanic eruptions to the Greek sculpture of marble he had intended; wild, hot and violent expressions of nature rather than a deliberate, cool likeness of something beautiful.

As he finished the letter, hands shaking, and addressed it with a single, simple name in roman characters, he wondered what he had done. The folded letter quivered in his grasp as he walked through the corridors, even as he set it delicately on the floor before the room of its receiver.

TERUCollapse )

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Tired- open to anyone (if I met you or not) [Wednesday
Dec 28, 2005 at 12:09pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Daisuke hadn't come out of his room in days. He wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, but not home. Well, that was wrong he guessed. He wanted to see Bou again, though he knew he couldn't. Bou hadn't transferred, he was sure the boy's parents didn't want him near any place that had had murder in it and the murderer could just follow to the new school.

His throat was dry and he knew he should go get something to drink and probably something to eat. He hadn't eatten at all.

He refused to admit he was depressed from missing Bou though.

Groaning softly, he stood and dressed in jeans and a black sex pot revenge shirt. He glanced in the mirror at his unruly hair and dug around for a beanie to pull over it. He looked exhausted, which he was. He stopped and stared in the mirror for a little while longer.

I look like my fucking father he thought Tired, but I lack the grace he had. Which is fine with me.

He slipped on shoes and grabbed his h. naoto hoodie, pulling it on and stuffing his cigarettes in the front pocket. He left his room, walking down the stairs to the kitchens. He didn't care if they weren't actually aloud in there, he was hungry. So he ate a sandwich and drunk some tea before heading outside to smoke. He had three days of smoking to make up for.

He lit a cigarette as soon as he stepped to the side of the school. He sighed as he realized someone was walking up to him.

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